Apartment offers in Potsdam

On this page you can find apartment offers that have reached us from students. Please note that it is possible that the apartments are already occupied. If this is the case, please send an e-mail to fachschaftsrat@hpi.de.

If you have an apartment offer/application that you would like to see here, please fill out the template below and send it to fachschaftsrat@hpi.de.

Apartment offers

Single apartment in student dormitory

  • Period: April up to including September 2021
  • Dormitory Stahnsdorfer Straße
  • rent: 330€
  • Size: 34 sqm
  • Name of person offering: Lara Pfennigschmidt
  • Contact: lara.pfennigschmidt@student.hpi.de
  • Condition: person entitled to live in the Studierendenwerk (in Bachelor / Master at the UP)

Requests for apartments

No requests at the moment