Meeting date

Meeting date in the lecture period is currently on:

  • Wednesdays, 1:30 PM in odd calendar weeks
  • Wednesdays, 3:15 PM in even calendar weeks

The meetings are open to all students at HPI, you are welcome to come by!


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  • e-mail: fachschaftsrat[at]hpi.de
  • phone: +49 (0)331 5509-255


The members of the Digital Engineering Student Representative Group in the 2022/23 legislative period are

  • Ben Bals
  • Julian Baumann (Chairman)
  • Jennifer Bonello
  • Charlie Meister
  • Konrad Nareike
  • Felix Roth
  • Philipp Schmidt
  • Matvey Sivashinskiy

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The FSR represents the student body, e.g. towards the lecturers, the faculty and the institute. It also regularly exchanges information with other Student Representative Groups of the UP in the VeFa and manages the finances of the student body.
Each FSR decides for itself what specific work it does. Over time, however, tasks have developed that each FSR traditionally takes on and carries out. These tasks are in addition to various information campaigns, as well as talks, research, discussions and work to answer individual questions, solve acute problems and initiate or steer long-term developments:

Entertainment and networking

  • Organisation of various celebrations:
    • Halloween Party
    • Christmas Party
    • Spring Party
    • Summer Party with the IfI
  • Overarching organisation of the Friday Beers, serving is done by volunteers
  • Irregulars:
    • Pub Quiz
    • Get-to-know-evenings and Get-togethers

Information for the Student Body

  • Minutes of various meetings with FSR participation
  • Organisation of information events:
    • Scholarship Information Evening: students with scholarships present their scholarship societies
    • Study Abroad Evening: those responsible for and students with study abroad programmes inform students about the possibilities and their experiences
    • STUBSx: student representatives give an overview of the committees with student members and an insight into their work and advertise for involvement
    • Unofficial Bachelor Podium: Students present their non-subject-specific experiences in their bachelor projects so that subsequent students can get a comprehensive picture of the departments before their BP election
  • Updating and expanding the information pages on myHPI
  • Update of the Information for First Semesters
  • Welcome at the start of the semester: students, especially first-year students, should start the new semester well informed
  • Information for club speakers: a summary of the most important information for beginning club speakers

Study and Teaching

  • Operation of EvaP: creation, supervision and analysis of evaluations of all courses as well as subsequent consultation with the Dean of Studies and, if necessary, individual teaching teams.
  • Checking the course offerings: checking the course offerings pages for completeness at the beginning of each semester so that students can take their courses in a well-informed manner
  • Checking the allocation of Bachelor's and Master's projects: the FSR checks the allocation of students to Bachelor's and Master's projects for optimisation
  • Ensuring the publication of grades and evaluation results

Prospective Students and Start to Studies

  • Answering questions from prospective students to the online mentors
  • Organising the Welcome Days in the Bachelor's and Master's programmes and welcoming students to the preliminary maths course: all students are familiar with them, but for the members of the FSR they are probably the most costly task in many respects every year. Quite a few rise above themselves during this time


  • Operation and administration of myHPI, the HPI Campus Discord and several other services, as well as administration of the domains of myHPI and the HPImgzn
  • Graduation ceremony: renting HPI's own gowns, sashes and berets so that they do not have to be bought by the students for the occasion
  • Development of various projects:
    • myHPI
    • POS: cash register system used at the various FSR events
    • FSR Wallet: digital payment solution for the student coffee machine
  • Administration of the HPI-LaTeX-Folienmaster
  • Rental of student body property, e.g. the TöffTöff
  • Maintaining and managing the fridge in the Big Club Room
  • Bestowal of awards:
    • SLASH: survey in the student body on honourable persons
    • PDF: award for people who support the work of the FSR in the background

Communication, Problem Solving and further Development

  • Regular meetings with GF, Dean, Dean of Studies, Admins and Public Relations
  • Implementation of the Student General Assembly
  • Higher-level networking and organisation of the student representatives in the Student Representation Digital Engineering: the members of the student representation at the faculty exchange information in networking meetings convened by the FSR; in addition, the FSR accompanies their work and forwards impulses from various interest groups
  • Networking with other student bodies in the field of computer science at the Konferenz der Informatikfachschaften (Conference of Computer Science Student Bodies)